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Company introduction:

Funny Lab is a provider of video and PC game art services in great china area(Taiwan).
So far, there are 12 staffs working for Funny Lab, 7 in-house and 5 full-time freelancers, and each one of them has been engaged in this field for at least 5 years.
We can provide reasonable prices and excellent quality; also we already have over two year international Co-production experience.

Funny Lab has invested more than one year researching the modeling of characters for the Next-generation game design. And Funny Lab is continually increasing our experience on ZBrush.
We also continually train our modelers so we can provide the best quality for our customers.
Our staff numbers are increasing steadily, so we can manage the amount of work that our customers require.
Please contact us if you have been seeking the 3D modeling privider for video & PC game.
Funny Lab is willing to make communication with you or take a modeling test.

Company history:

    • 2007 •
      Funny Lab starts to carry on cases of game art from Europe organizations.

    • 2006 •
      Funny Lab moved to a new office.
      Funny lab has taken part in the modeling test which was handled by SCEA to
      select works from art providers for PS3 games.

    • 2005 •
      International business started operating.
      Established the international business relation with our first client in U.S.A

    • 2004 •

      Funny Lab expanded business relations in Taiwan.

    • 2003 •
      Funny Lab expanded business relations in Taiwan.

    • 2002 •
      Funny Lab was established in 2002.
Our clients:

InterServ International Inc.
Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
International Games System Co., Ltd.
SOGA Interactive Co., Ltd.
FunTown World Ltd.
Softstar Entertainment Inc.
Lager Interactive Inc.
Alibangbang Digital Games Co., Ltd.
Systex corporation
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